When will Dorico Pro support Rewire and AUDIO Track?

As was shown in the title.

We don’t know for sure, but it’s a popular demand the developers are aware of, so I think it’s a matter of time. For the time being, you can embed an audio in a video, and add that video to your project.

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ReWire support is very unlikely, as it has been discontinued by its developer, Reason Studios. However, we know that synchronization between Dorico and other software is important, and we do hope to provide capabilities in this area in future.


Hi! Trying out Dorico after years and years of Sibelius work. Dorico seems very nice indeed, but it’s very odd to not be able to add an audio track. I mean, that’s the first thing that’s needed. Add an audio file, then write your arrangement on top of that.

We do this a lot, writing arrangements on top of a file that we receive from another producer.

Seems unconvenient to always start working by making a mock video with an audio track, to be able to import audio. Is this really how this is thought out?

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Every decision to work on something means something else is left undone. There are plenty of other things that still need implementing too.

Not everyone arranges from audio files. There are even automated tools to minimize the inconvenience, such as this one: Audio to Video, convert MP3 with image to MP4 - Online Converter

The answer to the general question “Have they thought this through?” is “Yes, for longer than anyone else, factoring in all sorts of information, technical, musical, and financial.” :grin:


I use a VSTPlayer plugin (don’t have the link handy but you can search for it) when I need to add a reference audio track of some kind.


I’ve accompolished it by developing a tiny software with Python like this👇
Delay time can be setted separately for each DAW (or scoring software), and play/stop can be triggered by keyboard shortcuts and MIDI messages.

(haha, the GUI style was designed imitating Cubase’s style)

Processing: [missing %{filename} value]…

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I suspect ffmpeg software could do it, with a suitable set of options.


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OK, Thanks. There is a Chinese software named FormatFactory (格式工厂) which can also be used for transformatting common media files.

Thank you, I’ll give this one a try!

Wow, this looks cool!

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Yes, I appreciate all these factors that go into developing software. To me, importing an audio file into a music-related software just seems like a very basic-level thing.

Oh well, I’ll just use Resolve to create video clips or some other workaround for now!