When will it be in stock?

Any ETA for the upgrade to C6 to be in stock/shipping?

It all depends on your location and distributor.


Texas, US. I’ve tried contacting Steinberg/Yamaha with no luck getting through to anyone…

Without meaning to belabor the obvious… Have you checked the online store at


According to that page the upgrade is in stock.

Screen shot 2011-03-01 at 6.00.39 PM.png

Submitted SRF to Steinberg, they referred me to asknet (gave phone #), called them and they said they should be getting another shipment in this week, in case that helps anyone else.

Oh, that upgrade (from Studio) :open_mouth:

Yes, the one I ordered. Since I use Studio 4.

Good deal.

Just as an update for anyone curious, last week I contacted Asknet per Steinberg to inquire about my C6 Upgrade being in stock/shipping. They told me SB said they should have them that week, last week, and they will be shipping out then. Here it is one week after that with no word. I called Asknet again today and they said they never received anything from SB and they are hoping this week they will be coming in. :frowning:

Also, it’s hilarious that I can download the demo of C6 which is fully-featured for 30 days, and I can get a demo license code - all of which I have done - yet I can’t get the license I paid for the full version until the box arrives at my doorstep. :unamused:

yeah, the trade is poor.
here in Russia the only official dealer is still can’t offer neither update, nor full version for Cubase 6.
we here have find one loophole (during January end yet), and had bought the updates from (thanks to) one shop of Germany (even at admittedly €30 less cost than it will be here) :unamused:
what for US, I know such a trouble 'cause one friend of mine from LA still cann’t get this update as well.