When will Music Studio 2.10 (or 3) arrive on Android?

I’m curious to know, because I plan to get a small Amazon Fire tablet to run Music Studio (and a couple other apps) on as a sketchpad of sorts. Any word when we might have us an update? Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi jwmmakerofmusic,

Thank you for your message.
While we have plans to further maintain and update Music Studio, we are unable to give concrete dates for further app updates at this point.

Best wishes,
Music Studio Support

I wouldn’t count on it jwmmakerofmusic. :frowning:

Indeed that blows. I thought that when Xewton handed Music Studio over to Steinberg, it’d receive regular updates (including AU effects, automation for all internal effects parameters, and the like). I know it’s an easily overlooked app, but I still use it on the daily, even if just to muck about in it.

See, not a peep about Android. :frowning: :frowning: