When will the "elicenser" using USB 3.0 technology come? And


When will the “elicenser” using USB 3.2 or at least 3.0 technology come?
I have older one. If I wait one or two year, does it come?

And does the performance of “elicenser” make cubase overload more quickly? (in mixing mastering etc…)

Thank you for your ansver.

They have moved away from the usb licenser so there will be no more updates as far as that is concerned. The latest version of Cubase doesn’t use a usb licencer.

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Please read the Information on Steinberg Licensing

Steinberg moved away from dongle based licensing following a series of issues that happened when Cubase 12 was released.

This is not correct. Please read the info in the link above for the correct info in the statement from Steinberg.

One version off. Cubase 11.

As an owner of a whole lot of current (c12/n12/wl/sl) and older Steinberg products (and routinely buying more), all I have to add to this conversation is…

I hope I n-e-v-e-r lose access to Cubase 6.5 and Nuendo 3. Which, of course, rely on my elicenser dongle. I’m sentimental.

I realize there’s no official sb plan atm for what happens when I try to load up cubase8 after my dog eats my elicenser in 2029. Well, there sort of is, which is “get over the old versions”.

My vote…don’t eventually make orphans of the old versions sb!!. Figure out a way to let we legacy-lovers still run those old versions within no-dongle …or…under the new sb licensing. You don’t have to maintain them…just don’t kill them :slight_smile:

Heck…charge me extra $ for allowing me to run Nuendo2 whenever I want in the year 2030. On my array of Windows systems of course :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I start wondering if I should stockpile extra dongles.

First of all, in 2028, get a new dog.

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I think the way forward is to keep an old system around.

It makes sense to buy a new one, and transfer licenses to it when notification arrives that the server is going away.

I think we have have a few years before that happens.

The only old version I can see anyone requiring is the last sx version that supported .all files. All the rest can be loaded in the latest version. Just make sure midi is rendered on old projects or you have the same plugins.

Never had any problems with it. But I can’t use or see all my stuff in Steinberg Activation Manager yet, but that will probably come in the next year or so.
However, my dongle has started to have problems with it disappearing sometimes, and yes I have the correct settings for usb in windows. it’s probably over 15 years old at this point, and a bit broken, then I should get a new dongle for free in the meantime everything is moved to the activation manager free for loyal customer :slight_smile:

but I think it’s good and a must to have a dongle even in the future, if you want to reinstall the whole computer completely offline where you don’t have access to the activation manager and the internet after a reinstallation, but everything is in the cubase download folder, so the dongle are activation managers and not e-licensing.

Dongles are not free and never have been. I’ve got two which I bought just in case my 10 year old one packed in