When will the mixer gui bugs be fixed?

When will the mixer gui bugs be fixed iin 9.5?


Which bugs?

The gui ones. You know… the bugs that are gui. :wink:

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It won’t…It’ll still be there in 10 with no acknowledgment and by 10.5 they’ll be like oh and we fixed the mixer GUI that a few users reported… :laughing:

I have no GUI issues ???
Well the visual metering background is off when using win10 as a OS, but that has no consequence in functionality and can just be ignored.

…this should be a sticky! :laughing:

no, really, what bug? Attach a picture is such a problem nowadays…

This one:


They’ve been able to reproduce it but those of us who do have the issue have been just left to deal with it. It causes real problems when you click and edit settings thinking you’re working on one channel, only to find out later that you’d changed settings on another channel because the mixer window had not redrawn. Not sure how you can call it professional when it does this. It’s not professional when sat in front of clients and it happens. Not only do they see it too, but also it makes you look unprofessional. I mean, come on, Steinberg, this is version 9.5.

Never ever seen that bug in any Cubase version.

I would start looking for errors in your Windows system.

things to try

run sfc /scannow
run DISM command to try and find issues
full reinstall of Cubase (uninstall, delete /appdata Cubase folders (trash prefs)
update graphics drivers

just to start.

It’s a bug, they have reproduced it.

See also: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/cubase-9-5-bug.72455/

Still not a clue what the bug is but don’t think I’ve ever witnessed it. May well be related to certain video card/other combinations.

an you point to where Steinberg have acknowledged it as a bug? If not then I’ll doubt it will get fixed in 9.5.

Yet you don’t list the repro steps and that thread shows no evidence either. Random internet ppl don’t constitute that it is reproducible.

If multiple people have system or driver corruptions that is not a Cubase issue.

In my experience graphics glitches in Cubase are a result of system file corruptions.

In my support request, the head of support at Steinberg acknowldges it. It’s related to the redraw reductions they did in 9.5. v9.5 uses a different graphics api in the code.

By the way, I went through all the stuff beerbong mentioned and a lot more months ago. It’s not a system file corruption, it was a clean system to begin with and I even re-installed from scratch, including re-installing Windows.

You can follow the steps in the video… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e88f0bY2yAs

Here is a list of steps we have followed to consistently recreate the issue:

  1. Have the mixer maximized.

  2. Have enough tracks to begin with so that you have to scroll the mixer channels

  3. Select a channel and then move the slider so the selected channel is not in sight

  4. Switch back to the project view

  5. Hit Play

  6. Ensure playback has begun, and then go back to the mixer view

  7. There, we can see fader levels moving but clearly misplaced and not drawn correctly

  8. If you move the mouse over the faders, sometimes (as shown in the video), the screen redraws

  9. Press stop.

  10. At this point (as shown in the video), some channel faders appear frozen and have not been redrawn correctly.

If they (Steinberg) have reproduced it, and you received written conformation from Steinberg, ask for the specific issue number. The number will start with a C or B depending on the time it was entered. Or, ask Martin on this forum to confirm it’s an issue that was entered, and its current status.

Also, and not to diminish the issue, but this is not reproducible on very many systems. Obviously if it was, hell would be breaking loose everywhere. In the VI Control thread, you didn’t give reproducible steps. Reproducible 100% of the time? Does it happen when opening a clean default project? List each step, starting with how you open the project to generate this.

Also list the operating system. Do you get the same issue with Windows 7 and 10? Running both Windows 10 and 7, as it shows in your signature, at the same time might not work very well. :smiley:

It is still open with Steinberg, with the only reply being several “we’ll get back to you on this”. Other people are getting the problem too, on Windows 10 and 7. I can recreate it from an empty project, just need to add tracks as per above.

Because of the nature of PCs, it is true it may not be reproduceable on all systems. As you say, I know people myself who do NOT have this issue with v9.5, and some who do. However, we’ve not found any specific hardware setups with which the bug occurs. I’ve seen it on a colleagues studio PC that has an entirely different motherboard, architecture and brand of graphics card. But it is a bug nontheless, as Steinberg acknowledge.

The consistent thing those who I know who have this issue is that it is only with Cubase 9.5. It doesn’t happen with 9 or 8.5 or 7.5 (or any other software of any kind on the computer).

Given this, and that they’ve reduced re-drawing in the code, and the fact Steinberg are using a different api on the graphics in 9.5 to previous versions, it is pretty obvious.

Here’s a screenshot just done now on a friend’s Cubuse who also has the problem… totally different mobo/graphics card/chipset (on PC)

If you mouse over the parts that look corrupted, Cubase redraws, revealing what should be there. Some artifacts are left. It’s definitely in the code, though. If you click on what you think is a plug-in for one track, because the mixer view is corrupted, you end up changing settings on that before you realize it’s actually a different track.

Can’t you just open the mixer using F3, that redraws the mixer every time afaik.

Hi, sorry, I should have mentioned it above, but I use F3 to open the mixer (using F3 in the video).

Anyone seeing this one? Happens when I first open a project. Clicking off and back on that control room tab fixes it.