When will the next update be released?

ha ha ha, buddy,you are reasonable :joy: :rofl:

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Hi @yepdong,

We’re in preparation of the next update which might require some time still.
Usually, we announce new updates once ready to be released.

Hope that helps!

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It will be so, you will see! most of the update will take “bug fixes” which will entail another chain of other bugs. And… what new features would you like to see in the next update?

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I’m not looking forward to new features that I’m already looking forward to.haha :melting_face:

I think we might be all pleasantly surprised with the next update :wink:

I also pray about this, but looking at all these latest “updates” … What is the mini-sampler worth, in which to work with your hi-hats , 808 or any other wav - you definitely need to save it inside the sampler, and after 20 arrangements to find any instrument you have to scroll through a million one-shots presets saved earlier :person_shrugging:
For example in fl studio mobile, you choose your wav and work with it inside the piano roll, without any saves inside Direct Wave, you don’t need a preset

Step entry!

Are you referring to step time midi recording ?

Yes, I think it would super useful to enter notes that way.

Nice, take your time and make it good. We can wait.

This has been available in Cubasis for years and is really easy to do as long as you understand about note lengths, just hit the help tab on top right of cubasis window, select What’s New/Editors/key editors, this will show you how to add midi notes (step time) using the pencil tool.

now that we waited so long it would have been nice to have a super synth like D16 303, massive or X, pigments. or diva Absynth or other monster bass and lead synth as cubase stock vsti. so we cubase owners can brag about what we have as a stock vsti :slight_smile: costs almost nothing for you apart from good marketing :slight_smile:

Don’t forget, bragging is not the typical German way of things.
It is usually; under promise - over deliver.

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Correct have worked with German engineers. They are not on the lazy side. I think its all about testning and fixing and coming, and maby remove old stuff and fix Cubase for the new intel amd and Apple hardware ect. And a fat D16 acid synth in Halion. And make signalgenerator as a standalone synth :slight_smile: for fat sub bas.

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ahahah, what guys, have time to update?:grin:

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Hi @Michael_Martys,

We’re in preparation of the next update, but it will still take some time!



Well, I hope that there will already be new synths and slide-notes, and also that I won’t have to save preset inside the sampler to register my own hi-hats or 808, because I’m wildly tired of this rubbish in the list of homemade instruments. Due to the fact that the sampler does not see the folders everything is just mixed there, why should I re-save each Wav in the sampler if I don’t need it as a preset?

Hi!! With CB2 i had not only fun but alsosome frustrating moments… after a longer break i got the summer sale cubase 3. i am surpised how well this upgrade works and for now its the best real DAW on iOS, for my personal needs.
But no light without shadow and as i mentioned in this thread i cant use the classic machines with external drum-pads as i would wish. The mapping is not the same for the machines and my miniLab has not so much preset slots.
If i could request a feature for an upcoming update it would be: MIDI LEARN for Classic Machines!!

Hi lars one thing I would like to mention.
The basic Guitar amp simulator that is in PC Mac version of Cubase is actually very good… The metal amp tone is Easily comparable to some of the best sounding metal plug ins i’ve heard… Even that new Roots plugin, And it uses way less CPU. If you could develop a version of that, that will work. In cubasis, it would be a great solution.

Hi @pummelfee,

Sorry for my late reply due to summer vacation,
The included drum pads in Cubasis support MIDI Learn, does this help?

MIDI Learn, Mackie Control and HUI Protocol Support | What’s New in Cubasis 3.3

Best wishes,