When will there be a demo?

Very curious to try this, so… when?

I’m sure Steinberg will provide a demo soon (which will probably require a USB-eLicenser), but a free demo of SL5 is still available from the Magix website.


we aim to provide the trial version within the next one to two weeks. I’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

All the best,

Demo would be much appreciated.

Also, I think this software should be included with Cubase and Nuendo - no tools or processes or anything, just simply the spectrogram views.

Just wondering? It would be nice to try it out before plunking down the cash. Thanks in advance!!!

And YES I watched all the videos but I would still like to try before buying it.

Magix are still selling the previous version, so their trial might serve to give you a good idea of the program.