When will there be a USB Type C eLicenser ?

Are there any plans for a USB Type C eLicenser?

Apple’s decision to literally only feature USB Type C connectors on their MacBook Pros was a bold step and they’re getting a lot of heat for it right now but in a few years I’m sure we will all love them for having pushed the industry forward in the right direction. Because trust me the whole industry is about to follow.

However! This means that Cubase users who upgrade to the latest and fastest portable Apple computing solution are forced, not only to walk around with that dongle as we always have (which is annoying enough dreaming of the dongle-free lifestyle of Logic and Studio One users etc) but now we also have to bring around an additional converter dongle that converts a new sexy USB Type C connection to a big and old style ugly-ass USB type for the sole purpose of connecting the eLicenser (that I would rather not have to think about in the first place).

So basically:

How long will we have to do this? The question is not if the developers of the eLicenser key will have to make a usb-c version, the question is when? I would love for Steinberg to be ahead of the curve here as in so many other aspects.


The whole industry is switching towards USB type-C.
Any news Steinberg?

Any news? USB Type C eLicenser.