When will Version 11.0.20 be released?

Curious if there a release date for an update to cubase 11 pro 11.0.20?

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with no pressure, when bugs of 11.0.10 be fixed

No official date, but I read it should be end of March somewhere in the forum (posted by someone at Steinberg). But no guarantee for that though, as always.

Expecting no update within the next 3 months and also do not expect too many things being addressed in the next maintenance update. As per attitude of SB officials here in the forum and via support I do not expect anything.

Waiting for the next update as well, on one hand, I am impatient, but I also want to give them time to fix and test things properly. Frustrating. I wish there was a constant public beta branch available to every owner, so you have a chance to get your hands on fixes that might be relevant for you, without months of waiting. Of course under own risk “do not use on productive systems, blah blah.” :slight_smile:

The longer the maintenance update takes, the more time they will have had to check and fix each problem.

“The next maintenance update for Cubase 11 is scheduled for early April.”

Stated in the new 10.5.30 release announcement.

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Yo, when’s the next update coming up? I’m kind of sick of not being able to clear some projects from my “recents” list in the hub.
I know y’all know about it and want to fix it, but it’s starting to get annoying when we can’t clear out the garbage. Y’all on vacation or what?