When will vocaloid editor be available in the US?


I would like to experiment with this technology, I am considering a purchase but if a better is possible then I would appreciate to know in advance.

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Well, IIRC Vocaloid is a Yamaha product, so it doesn’t come as a shock that they would make an editor for Cubase. I toyed with that technology 4-5 years ago and it was a complete mess. The product was called “Diva.” It was based on Vocaloid and it supposedly allowed you to have a soprano sing anything you wanted. It was very buggy and the editing process was long and complicated. Not to mention that the editor was so bad, it looked like it was developed for Windows 3.1… Hiring a singer was WAY WAY easier and cheaper (considering that time is money…)

I hope things are better now. But I’m not going to bother trying again any soon.

Thanks for the reply. Based on some of the videos it looks very interesting, especially for creating computer like music with would be based on synthetic elements (purposely).

Very impressive computer specs by the way.

I have vocaloid editor for Cubase. You can purchase it on ebay. I can honestly say that it is not too bad! My only wish is that although it loads as an extended editor in Cubase, it doesn’t work in Nuendo, but that’s a small detail.

I have an older Vocaloid that I’ve used a bit. And Papi is right, it is very cumbersome to use. One of the key problems is that it was initially developed for the sounds used in Japanese speech. They later added English phonemes and you have to enter the text phonetically. However they way they spelled the phonemes was different from what I could find in any dictionary’s pronunciation entry. So there was a lot of trial and error trying to get the right sounds. I think they have improved this (somewhat?) in the latest version.

There is this available too. I haven’t tried the demo.

Thank you raino, papi61 and etl17, for your replies.

I am considering getting this one…

Youtube video -->


Sold via Bigfish Audio -->



I think the original poster was referring to the integrated Vocaloid editor.
Can be seen here http://youtu.be/oH1Raz0uRcg?t=7m53s (video in Japanese, starts from actual editing so it is easy to understand)

Intriguing, it would be pretty cool if a future version of Cubase included Vocaloid.

The Hatsune Miku video demo interestingly sounds like English with a Japanese accent.

I am buying hatsune miko from bigfish audio, I will post some results

Question for any English speakers who’ve purchased the Vocaloid Editor for Cubase. Does it have an English language user interface and documentation? Even though it’s only officially on sale at the Japanese store, many applications actually include multiple language UI resources and manuals.

I really want this thing, and I don’t know of any other products that come close… but I have found zero information on whether it’s actually usable with English language Cubase installations.

Yes it has an English interface as standard so it’s good to go > I purchased mine straight from the Japanese Yamaha website and had no issues at all .:wink: