When will we get a GUI for basic routing in Dorico?

Greetings Daniel, not to be a pest, but, when are we going to see full access and control over our audio devices?
Thanks, Jeff

Please excuse me being dense, Jeff, but can you clarify what you mean? At the moment we don’t plan to expand beyond providing a single stereo output, but we do intend to make it possible to choose which outputs on your audio device to use (at the moment, it always used the first pair of outputs). Is that what you’re after, or something else?

Jeff has been in contact with me about this, and yes, that’s exactly what he wants.


Pulling audio inputs into the Dorico Mixer would be extremely helpful. This would make it possible to easily process, mix, and render external instruments with the VST/i plugin oriented stuff.

I.E. Digital/Hybrid Pianos and external workstations or tone generators that are being controlled from Dorico via MIDI.

Are there plans to allow assigning an audio input to a Dorico fader as part of the “External MIDI Instrument” configuration?

It’s not something I’d expect to see ‘right away’ given the long list of priorities, but I do hope it is part of the long term road-map.

Thanks for chiming in Ulf. Daniel, as of now, Dorico automatically chooses channels 1-2, which are actually inputs on my audio device, the actual outputs begin with channels 17-18. I’m thinking of something simple for now in the audio device settings. In the future, it would be beneficial to select as many outputs as possible.

Thanks, J.