When you buy the 7 version, can you install the version 6 ?

When you buy a Cubase cersion 7, can you install the version 6 and use it with the licence of the version 7 ?

yes you can , your licenser is backwards compatible , just be careful with your preferences and make sure they don’t mix , you could copy your C7 user files to the desk top to make sure

Thanks a lot !

Is there any chance to download 6.5 if I haven’t been in possession of it in the past, but own the C7 license?


Yes, get it here:

Cubase 6.5 downloads

Shouldn’t be a problem, this. The Program and App Data folders for major versions (5, 6, 7… and for 32/64-bit) have different names.


I don’t think that applies to the user VST3 preset folder in My Documents. I’m not aware of any differences between presets of versions 6 and 7 but I copied my v6 presets to a parallel folder, just in case. You might want to do the same.

Thanks a lot!

I’ve never tried this, because it’s called “Update”. But I should have known better when looking at the file size.

Just install the 6.5 trial.

You can use it unlimited when you have a license for Cubase 7.
Install the HALion Sonic SE content separately from the C7 installer, because it isn’t completely in the 6.5 trial.