When You Come Home

A bit of a cross-over track with hints of EDM, Pop, Country & Urban. My wife thinks I’m at an age where Hip-op is a medical procedure, not a music genre, but who cares :slight_smile:
Written using Cubase, Vanguard, Omnisphere, Stylus RMX and others, mixed with Cubase & Scope


Uploaded partly because Bane prefers tracks where I use vocalists and partly because Polgara was interested in Vocal sample packs in one of my previous uploads.
This uses vocals from either Vocal Forge or Vocal Foundry (zero-G) but for comparison, have a look at the following link with the same vocals used by Dash Berlin.


Enjoy either, neither or both :slight_smile:

nice track Neil,Hip- op… ha ha, i like it. i like how the dance riff takes it into a minor key groove from the rest of the tune and a nice mix of musical styles,the hi hat maybe needs taking down in volume at times.i still don`t quite understand with vocal samples, are you in full control of the pitch or melody notes of each word.anyway nice one ,well done Neil.

It’s an older track of mine and another reason for putting it up was to see if the feedback made it worthwhile to remix. It’s not just the hi-hats, there are other things I’d like to improve such as the choking synth cut off in the middle (overdid it!).
A lot of the vocal packs are acidized, so in theory you could cut each word out of a line cleanly. In reality, not so sure.
In terms of re-pitching, again this could be done in a limited way within Cubase nowadays, or with other software.
I’ve done a bit of that with a track I haven’t finished yet, so I’ll let you know how I go on :slight_smile:
Anyway, I prefer the Dash Berlin version :slight_smile:
Thanks for replying.

Sorry, think I’m still half asleep today !!
You can repitch them to an extent, as you can with any wave file. On I Am Love, I re-pitched some of the vocals using audio process pitch shift in Cubase 4.5. On Pick Me Up Again, I re-pitched using Audiowarp and also created some harmonies.
Of course, as with any wave file, it can be cut up in Kontakt & mangled, or fed through effects such as Vengeance Glitch Bitch and so on.
Waking up now…

Excellent mix, but I thought the vocals, although I could easily understand them, were to far back in space, and therefore didn’t integrate well with the instruments. However, they still sounded good, maybe you didn’t have any control over that

Thanks for the comments.
If I remember correctly, this was the first track that I ever used vocals or vocal samples on, so I would say that I DID have control over them, just didn’t know how to do it at the time! Hence my thinking about remixing it all.

Nicely put together …

best, Kevin

Nice, I like it. :slight_smile: Maybe Doug’s (Twilightsong) observation could be resolved with a generous pre-delay on the vocal reverb… if there is one…


Interesting idea - thanks, I’ll try that & thanks for the feedback.

Hi Neil,

Nice job, sounds really good!