When you hit the stop button, the cursor goes back to the beginning, why?

I never had this problem for years with Cubase. Now all of a sudden its doing this. I went into Preferences, Transport, and the Return to Start position on stop is not checked. I tried checking it, hit apply and then uncheck it and hit apply and it still does it.


Preferences > Tranport >Return to Start Position on Stop.

I tried that but it does not work.

Its the Mackie Controller stop button that is causing the problem


Does it mean if you stop via Cubase’s transport panel it doesn’t happen and it happens when you do via Mackie Control hardware?

Then I would guess you send the message 2 times (because if you press Stop 2 times it stops and jumps to zero, this is a feature). Make sure only 1 Mackie Control Device is in the Studio Setup, please.