When zoom level is 120%, text displays fine. When at 200%, text is not italic or underlined


  1. Do the following to reproduce the issue I’m having.
    a) In an empty project, add 1 MIDI track.
    b) Draw a 1 measure MIDI part, starting from bar 1.
    c) With the MIDI part selected, open the score editor.
    d) Switch to Page View (Scores > Page View).
    e) Open Score Settings (Scores > Settings…) and click on the Project tab.
    f) Make sure the “Font Settings” item is selected (in the list on the left), then make the following settings:

    g) Close the window.

  2. Open the zoom pop-up menu (WebHelp reference) and switch between 120% and 200%.

Result: When at 200%, the staff name text is not italic or underlined.