When zooming horizontally, the cursor disappears outside the project window

Such a bug: when zooming horizontally in the main window of the project with the hot keys «H» and «G», when you need to zoom in on the installation place of the playhead (cursor) and work with some kind of place, - the playhead (cursor) does not stand in place, how was it for me in 11 versions of Cubase Pro, and it ‘runs away’ somewhere to the right or to the left, beyond the window area. You have to look for it, scroll to return this place. We have to look for him, scrolling to return this place. Very uncomfortable, very annoying, and a big loss of time. In 11 versions it was like that - set the playhead in the necessary place, click on ‘H’, zoom in horizontally. The processing area did not move anywhere.
How to fix this? What settings need to be set?


There is the new Zoom Preferences > Edit > Zoom, where you can set the selected object as the Zoom anchor. Disable the preference option, please.

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Thanks, I’ll try it.

Thank you, it worked.

This has been driving me mad since v13, thank you so much!

Something I was wondering about as well; thanks for the solution!