Whenever I open Dorico my audio interface disappeared

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone has the same problem, my audio interface is Steinberg UR22 mkII. I used it for many software and it always been fine until recently I started using dorico, the problem is that whenever I open Dorico, my interface would disappear from output device and It’s really weird for me, hopefully I can find some help here! thank you.


Dear all,

I wonder if anyone has the same problem as me?
I am currently having Steinberg UR22 MKII audio interface, but weirdly, when I open Dorico, my interface won’t be found anymore as a output device, hopefully I can get some help here! Thanks


Welcome to the forum, kurorokino. I’ve never heard of this specific problem before. Are you on Windows or Mac? Have you installed the latest UR-22 drivers? You can find them here.

Also, do you have some other application open that uses the UR? If you are on Windows, only ever one application can access the UR.

Thank you all for replying, I fixed the problem by deleting the drive that I had before, now it’s finally working!


I am having the exact problem again and seemed not to be able to fix this time, have download the latest driver for UR22 mkII. But still whenever I open Dorico the interface just got disconnected from the output and couldn’t be found again. Please can someone help me?

Please start Dorico and from the main menu choose ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and the corresponding zip file attach here. Thanks