Where all xxl sounds from Halion Sonic in Halion 4?

I saw the demo for Halion Sonic and especially about theJazz guitar i was excited, but none of these xxl are found in Halion 4 ??
How is this possible ?

-Jazz Guitar xxl

  • Fretless Bass xxl
    -Modern Bass Finger xxl
  • Modern Bass Pick xxl
    -Modern Bass Slap xxl
  • Six string xxl
    -Strat Guit xxl
  • Vintage Bass Finger XXl
    -Vintage Bass Pick xxl

Are there people who have these sounds in Halion 4 ?

On the DVD are expressionmaps for the programs i miss in Halion 4

-Brass Section
-Fretless Bass XXL
Jazz guitar MID
Jazz Guitar XXl
Modern Bass Finger
Modern Bass Finger xxl
Modern Bass Pick.Mid
Modern Bass Pick XXL
Modern Badd Slap .mid
Modern Bass Slap xxl
Nylon xxl
Orchestral Strings
Six string.Mid
Six string XXL
Strat guitar. MID
Strat Guitar xxl
Vintage bass finger mid
Vintage bass finger xxl
Vintage bass pick mid
Vintage Bass Pick xxl

Are all these program included in Halion 4 ?
Can someone confirm this ?

Confirmed, all these programs are included in Halion 4!
Turn on “Layer Filter” when searching, to find these layers.

Thank you very much Niles!
Finally found the programs… little bit tricky to find them :slight_smile:

Because these are layers, not programs :wink:
For instance program “One Finger Blues Rock GLP” is built up with layer “Jazz Guitar XXL”.

Apparently … but i do not follow the logic behind this
The sounds are for Steinberg …layers

Hi there,

I have also replied to your support request email.
Indeed these are layers and not program or Multi program.

These layers can be part of a bigger program.



Thanks for the support!