Where are all the color schemes?

Color schemes have dissapeared in Cubase 10. The contrast on the available ones is horrible.
What you see is the best I could customize with Cubase 10 - see attachments

How can I return to the exact color scheme I had in Cubase 9.5?

How can I change the color of the selected track? Now it’s too white…

I tried to copy paste colors from Cubase 9.5 but it doesn’t paste anything correctly.

All in all the Cubase 9.5 color scheme and layout/icons seemed more refined in spite of the functionalities
that were added in version 10. I’m having trouble working with the Cubase 10 colors compared with 9.5.

I might even say I avoided Cubase since I upgraded solely because of this issue…



You can find all these settings in the Preferences. Unfortunately you can’t set the selected track colour.