Where are all the missing samples?

I installed Cubase 8 today on a new laptop (clean). Halion Sonic 2, Padshop and others can’t find their samples. I would rather not have to install 7.5 to then turn around and install 8 right after. Is there a full 8 ISO that includes all the VSTs?!? Its like deja-vu all over again. Every release I have to ask for this.

I ran into a similar issue when I opened an instrument in one of the Rock-Pop toolbox demo projects, but it was only for some samples and not others. I wondered if I missed some new samples or something. In any case I didn’t resolve it.

my steinberg>downloads… you find there the 9.1Gb iso of 8pro.
or install only the Additional Contents of 5-6 and after.

Yeah, I ended up downloading the full install. The only thing I was missing was the HALionSonic SE update.

Did installing the HalionSonic SE Update solve the missing samples for the Rockpop Toolbox ? I haven’t had any luck getting some of these patches to load either…


I didn’t revisit those Rock-Pop Toolbox projects after the update, but sort of assume that was the missing content since the messages I was getting were about missing HalionSonic SE samples.

I might actually have returned to those projects if the guitars and bass actually used HalionSonic instruments and VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp or even if they had simply used the amp sims on the dry signals. As preprocessed recordings they don’t interest me much.

Thanks Greg, well I’m not really interested in the projects either. I just want to make sure I have all the samples and presets installed that I should have. There is a preset for Padshop that one of the projects load, (Vegas Scene). The pad track doesn’t play because Padshop doesn’t find the sample called Awakening Strings. It says to install Content Pack. I can’t seem to find the sample pack. I did go back in the Cubase 8 Additional Content folder and reinstalled Padshop and Halion SE, but it made no difference. Still can’t find that Padshop sample.

Wonder if anyone else has solved this.