Where are all the tools in SpectraLayers Pro Demo?

SpectraLayers Demo says “full featured”, but not all the tools show up on the screen. I’ve read the manual but don’t see how to make them appear. No eraser, etc. Only a few tools show up.
Wasted a day of a 30-day demo because of this.
I love the way you deliberately don’t answer an easy question so I have to figure it out…heh, heh, heh.
On Steinberg’s site, they say “Try SpectraLayers Pro”. However, I see that the demo I downloaded was SpectraLayers ONE, the basic app. Maybe without all the tools? Hard to say, eh? Steinberg support is down until January 4. So, I’ll uninstall and try again.
So how about answering this: Is the SpectraLayers demo merely the basic version and not the Pro version as advertised on the website?

Your problem, it seems to me, is that you’ve failed to download and install the SL Pro demo, and have instead downloaded and installed the SL One demo. I don’t know why that rates a stream-of-consciousness post. There’s a big difference in features between those two versions of SL, i.e., there are tools integrated into SL Pro that SL One doesn’t have.

Verify that you have actually downloaded and installed the SL Pro demo. Otherwise, it will be hard to have a constructive discussion about which tools are and are not present in the program.

Thanks, Poinzy. You’re right. I went back to the demo download site and there only seems to be one link to a demo, and that turns out to be SL One. I’ll try again, but as of now, Steinberg won’t let me download the demo of SL Pro (if there is one.) One never knows, do one?
Poinzy…I uninstalled whatever version of SL I had, then used the same download link Steinberg sent yesterday. I downloaded that and IT WAS SL ONE, NOT PRO. Not sure if anyone on the forum has ever downloaded the demo. Seems not. But it was a waste of a day trying to figure this out. Steinberg should not say "Try SpectraLayer Pro’ and “Download SpectraLayer Pro Demo” if they’re only going to let you try SL One. Annoying as anything.

Did you activate the trial license?

I think there’s only one installer for all versions. It’s the license which determines what version should be used.

Mizo, thanks. I’ve done a lot of downloading of Steinberg products, but the chain for activation seems broken with SL Pro. Your conclusion seems logical, so I tried using the link Steinberg sent, checking the version, (SL One) and uninstalling, then re-downloading about 3 times to see if I missed something. Possible that I did, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to activate the license since the download is not even listed in My Steinberg downloads.

Did you get email with activation code?

I think reinstalling will not help if the license is not activated.

Thanks, misohosa and Poinzy for answering and for your patience. The sequence of activating seemed different to me, but maybe it was the double scotches I had last night. In any case, I finally figured out where to activate the license. I’ve only done that 5 times before…oh, oh. Maybe I’ll go delete these posts since this probably helps no one. In any case, thanks for sticking with me!