Where are all these midi events coming from?

I’m trying to track down persistent crackling with Cubase (which doesn’t occur with PT8 - another issue in a separate thread there), and one thing I see is that the transport says there is lots of midi activity. The only external midi device I have is my M-Audio ProjectMix I/O and I’ll suspect it’s updating to often or something… I don’t know that it’s an issue, but…

Is there a midi event recorder in cubase (like the old sysex event recorder) that I could use to simply list the events cubase sees happen (like little bar next to the VU meter on transport described as “midi activity” in my cubase 5 book is always moving up and down at a rate of several times per second)… Seems odd…

I’ve used LatencyMon and dpclat.exe to verify that my system is pretty quiet otherwise… Don’t remember where I read about them, but they are really useful on win7…

Why not try enabling automation write and recording a MIDI track when you notice the activity? Then you could open up the Project Browser or List Editor to observe the MIDI or SysEx data being transmitted.

I think the midi activity is quite normal when having a midi controller such as yours on the system.

I know it’s firewire but the control side is via midi messages.

this is a very good little midi program which should tell you ; http://www.midiox.com/

hope it helps ,


Thanks for the hints… I can’t record the activity, it appears to be driving out from cubase, again most likely to my mixer… I still don’t know that its an issue, and I’m leaning towards the occasional crackling being a combination of windoze hiccups and/or graphics overprocessing (seems like theres a lot going on and it gets way worse if I move a window while playing)…

As for Midi-ox, it seems like a great idea, except that I have to admit I can’t figure out how it works :open_mouth: From what I can gleam, looking at the two midi ports to my mixer and the loopback port I added, there is no traffic on them at all… Which makes me wonder were cubase is sending the midi?

I’ve openned up a new project, and there’s no midi output, until I send something to a midi vst… Then the activity spikes (and stops when I do a midi reset)… And it does seem that in the empty project it stops, and adding some pure audio, the activity goes while playing, but stops a few seconds after playing is stopped (which is even odd in itself)… But I guess I change my mind an say it is probably not worth worrying about…

As a side note, I did find the Audio System options “Audio Priority” which I’ve set to boost, and clicked “disable cpu energy saving”… That seems to have tamed the clicking on the audio I bit… I hope :slight_smile:

Have you created a midi track and applied the insert “midi monitor”?

Also disable sysex filtering in the prefs if you want to record midi data coming from your device.