Where are AllenMorgan Rock-Pop Toolbox cpr? i know, but you?

Where are Allen Morgan Rock-Pop Toolbox cpr? i know, but you ?

It’s simple to make it difficult…
Or i have not all understand.
But i’ve finally find it…

OK, I’ll bite, where are they?

I’ve already made a thread on this:


lol :slight_smile:

Yes Greg Houston, you find it!!!

To open them, you have to create a new folder,
and to save them, click “Save as…”
If you simply close the project or Save, no save possible…

It’s so easy…
OmG, are you crazy, Steinberg team? :smiley:

Happily, Cubase 8 has great improvements and works pretty well for me !

Thanks Greg.

And me, no thanks?
it’s a joke, never mind!

:wink: Thanks steflor.