Where are factory GrooveAgentOne samples stored?

In the MediaBay, groove agent one content has its own folder under the “Vstsound” folder that mediabay always shows in the folder tree on the left. That’s fine for accessing the individual samples and dragging them into an empty groove agent, or a project, etc…but where are these files actually stored on my computer?

I dragged a kick from “vstsound / groovagentone content/ etc” into my project Pool and all it says in the file-path is “vstsound: [name of sample]” with no actual information about WHERE the thing is being stored on my computer’s drive. (whereas any other samples in my pool that aren’t from Cubase’s factory content show clear file paths to their original location).

I should mention I’m on a mac, I suppose, though I imagine the functionality is the same on both systems. I hunted through all the various Steinberg folders and couldn’t find any sort of factory audio content folders. Even when I found a folder called “vstsound” in the library, it didn’t have any audio samples contained inside it. But I’m assuming that these files are stored somewhere that is accessible outside of cubase, yes? Or did they really lock this content so that you can’t grab it and throw it into a different DAW or something like Maschine?





Any idea why the heck they did that? Ableton and Logic both come with a lot of sample content, all of which is openly available to the user, you can do whatever the heck you want with it – isn’t that the point of bundled audio content?


I have an idea, but since I´m a user and not Steinberg, it is only an idea…

In this case obviously not…