where are files stored two part question

in 7.5 on Windows machine.

Where can I change the setting for the drop down file menu to open project?
I want to clear it and then reset the limit so it only displays 10 nanes.

the second question
I took a old session of four song moved all into another top level folder with a new date.
I deleted the Audio folders in the new level. So, yep the newly recorded tracks ended up in
older folder and the audio tracks of all four songs went into one folder.
How can I change the location of the audio folder to reference the correct one?
Creating a new sub folder isn’t the answer.
First I can’t believe I did this it is operator stupid.


It’s a little hard to follow your post, but it doesn’t matter, either of these will work:

Either put the .cpr files back into the folders that have the “Audio” folder within it; or open the .cpr file and it will tell you the files are missing. You can then press “Folder” from the “Locate Missing Files” feature and navigate to where you know the audio files are. This could also be done within the AudioPool.

The CPR files are in the folder but since I moved them it still references where the original Audio files are so it doesn’t ask for missing files.
The CPR files are in this path BJS Sept 2014/Moonglow/
there was no Audio folder in this directory.
The audio files in the pool for when Moonglow is opened is BJS Sept 2014/Savoy
in fact all the files from that session are in BJS Sept 2014/Savoy

If the cpr still references where the original Audio files are (the ones you dont want), move or rename THAT folder. Then, open the cpr, and you will get the missing files dial - point Cubase to the folder which holds the files you do want, save the proj. and close Cubase. You can then go back to the other folder, and rename it back to what it was.


Thank you.
It worked.