Where are gain reduction and gate leds?

I can’t see the gain reduction led type meter and gate leds in channel strip mixer window view.
Am I missing something?

I’d like to see them too! That way you can open the mixer and see all of your processing like an analog desk. Especially useful on drum channels.

So it’s not only me.

Why have them gone out from N8?

I don’t have N10 here, but Channel Strip Gain Reduction LEDs are still mentioned in the N10 user manual.

For example pages 456-8 in the English manual.

Yes, you’re right
“Gain Reduction LED
Indicates the amount of compression of the signal.”

But only appears at channel settings window. Until N8 you could see a gain reduction LED working on mixer window as gate state LEDs, now there’s nothing. You can see the gain reduction in the meter at the top if you select view, but for gate there’s nothing and is very uncorfontable not to see gate status in the whole mixer view.

Maybe it’s just a bug. I hope so

I hope so too. The LED’s in the mixer strip were very useful indeed. I’d also like to see the control knob colour scheme return rather than everything now being grey. I really don’t understand this UI change from a usability perspective.


(Cubase user here - but same applies; the led’s in the mixer strip are gone. They are really missed. And agreed, I too hate all that grey nonsense… maybe, if it was all getting to look too ‘toy-ish’ they could just colour the outer rings of the control knobs. I mean something, _anything_to stop the blandness/faceless/zero personality… :wink: )

need some indication of whats going on with the LEDS

This really reduces usability.

Still an issue in Cubase 10.0.20:

  • All knobs same color (except VintageCompressor) in both MixConsole and ChannelSettings
  • Gate:
  • No status Led (MixConsole only)
  • Compressor
  • No gain redution indicators (MixConsole only)

Next .1 update will have many (if not all) fixes for this issue.
Stay tuned.


Thanks for the heads up!
Looking forward to the update. :slight_smile:

This update will fix too the resizable windows?

Thanks Fredo!

Thank you :slight_smile: