Where are Halion 5 files?

Hello! I need to install all Halion 5 files again to OSX, including samples and other stuff in the original package. Well, I don’t have DVD drive anymore or probably not even the original package. Where can I download the files?


If you need the installer for any piece of software, please contact the support by email.

info [at] steinberg dot de

Well, this is what I did on 17th and haven’t had any kind of response yet. I managed to install Nuendo+NEK and my other plugins, but I can’t start working because many of the projects use Halion5 for which I don’t have the install files and samples for.

There’s a simple page in MySteinberg which clearly states what licenses I have purchased. I would be happy to see download links to files on the same page. That would be the modern way to do it and good customer service, saving everyone’s time.