where are lyric options stored in Dorico 3?

I’m using the lyrics tool (shift-L) to input analysis symbols using Opus RomanChords Std. In Dorico 2 if I double click a placed lyric (analysis symbol) the cursor is placed after the current input text and I am able to paste over or add more material (say to change a V7 to a V6/5 or to add a sharp symbol). For this example in Dorico 3 when pasting over the 7, the entire lyric is written over with the 6/5 (not just the 7) and instead of a V6/5, I’m left with just a 6/5. I have to create a complete analysis symbol from beginning to end. Is there some setting that controls how lyrics are pasted and whether or not the pasted material replaces what’s already there?

You will likely fare better using the free Campania font (click) for roman numeral analysis in Dorico.

Users requested that the existing lyric should be selected in the popover when editing an existing one in more circumstances, so that is a change we made in Dorico 3. There is no option for this, i.e. Dorico will always select the complete text in the popover when advancing to an existing lyric. Press left or right arrow after the popover advances to move the caret to the start or end of the text in the popover so that you can add to the text rather than replace it.

This is a very nice change, which I had not noticed yet, for I have not been working on opera stuff this week. Thanks for this implementation!

likely but the project is already extensive with the current font. it’s likely changing the font would mean going over some 8000 measures of music. i will keep in mind for the next project.

this doesn’t work. any ideas? for example, i invoke the lyric tool (Shift-L) and enter an ‘E’. i want to add a flat to that and on the clipboard i have a flat glyph from Opus Roman Chords Std. The paste function overwrites the ‘E’ entered and the glyph is NOT entered. i enter the ‘E’ again, advance the lyric to the next beat with the arrow key and then return using the reverse arrow key. the cursor seems to be ahead of the ‘E’ and when i paste from the clipboard it erases the ‘E’ and still the clipboard content is not entered. Is there no way to fix this? This makes the lyric line useless for my current project.

i tried selecting a lyric instance (one word) or a lyric line and then edit that line using the “Edit Lyrics… line 1” command and nothing happened. in the help menu on this topic i’m apparently supposed to get a window that contains the lyrics so that i can edit them en masse…

i get nothing.

we complain about Sibelius and Finale removing options and hard coding decisions about notation/lyrics and yet this is exactly what the Dorico team has done with the lyric tool.

The problem you describe seems to be specific to pasting ito a lyrics popover. I just tried pasting into a lyrics popover on Dorico 3 on Windows 10 1903. As soon as I press Ctrl+V to paste, the existing contents of the popover are discarded and replaced by the contents of the clipboard. What I would expect is that the contents of the clipboard are inserted at the caret position in the popover.

Pasting into other popovers seems to work as I would expect.

You get a window to edit existing lyrics en masse if you select a lyric and go Edit > Lyrics > Edit Line of Lyrics.
Oh, and the reason that the lyric popover now works the way it does is in order to make it possible to paste syllable by syllable, which is new to Dorico 3. That’s much more useful to many people than the ability to paste a glyph in the middle of an existing “syllable”, which frankly doesn’t sound like a lyric at all.

A little bit off topic but wondering whether {@flat@} in the lyrics popover actually gives the correct flat sign… It should, and indeed it does when dealing with transposing instrument labels :wink:
However I understand the concern here… I often need to enter short unbreakable spaces in french lyrics and I am used to doing that with copy/paste process. I guess I will now have to do that in the lyrics editor window.

That is all well and good - and a helpful improvement in many usage cases. However, there are still cases where conventional paste behaviour is useful (including the scenario MarcLarcher gives) and this is especially so when unconventional ‘lyrics’ are being used for analysis and similar tasks. Perhaps what is needed is something akin to “Paste Special” in Microsoft Office, where you can choose paste behaviour either as a one-off or set a default. If there was a keyboard shortcut for ‘conventional paste’, perhaps that would satisfy everyone.

No, tokens don’t work in Lyrics, and these are tokens.

Ok… You are right. I just checked. That means I can no longer paste this kind of unicode glyph into my lyrics after-the-fact. So I either input it while typing (or create a KM shortcut to it), or input it in the lyrics editor window. That’s a change in my workflow, I suppose this is inevitable when the tool changes. I’ll try that for a couple of weeks and come back on the subject if I find it too complicated and if any idea has come in the meantime.

You can paste then amend the lyric manually, so as long as a syllable only contains one pasted glyph (or as many glyphs as you like, but pasted in one go) there’s not much of a workflow shift.

Well, since my pasting “thing” is typically lyric end of word+[U+202F pasted]+double punctuation sign, I guess it WILL affect my workflow. I simply used to put the text caret before the punctuation and paste, for the whole document. But I might do it in the text editor, it could even be faster than before. I have to try.

I am really sorry to have hi-jacked this thread, apologies to tbac·ck123…
I went on with my lyrics editor window and I find I cannot insert non breaking spaces, so useful when dealing with opera. I know I could use the _ thing, but it’s never used on opera scores and I really don’t like it. Retrospectively, I see that these unbreakable spaces appear as · points (alt-shift-f on my mac) in the editor. But if I input them this way, they do appear as · in the score, and not as unbreakable spaces. Is there a key combination to achieve that (two or more syllables with an unbreakable space in between) in the lyrics editor window already implemented ? If not, I might request that, or a slight change of behavior. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll use the editor and then go back to the problematic notes and correct them one by one.

Frustratingly you can’t paste into the “Edit line of lyrics” dialog. On the other hand, if you’re pasting lyrics in bulk, you could always put your unicode character and your double punctuation sign into your pre-hyphenated lyrics in an external text editor, then paste the whole block of text into Dorico.

Non-breaking spaces: no, not from the Edit Line of Lyrics dialog. You can still use Shift+Alt+Space within the Shift+L popover, though.

You mean shift+alt+space for non breaking space, I suppose. Yes, of course, that’s the way we used to do it until now. Consider this a request :wink:

That’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue:
(It isn’t, but it is now - thanks for the correction)

I will certainly look at whether we can maintain the new functionality for pasting lyrics and also allow pasting at a specific position in the popover. I can’t make any promises, except that I will look into it.