Where are my configuration "gears" in N13?

I was pleased when I upgraded from Nuendo 12 to 13 and my custom configuration seemed to carry over into the new version. Then, I had to give a fresh install of the OS and move up to Win11 Pro (AI gave me bad advice and I messed up the OS. Long story. Not relevant here). After a fresh install, I’m having to reconfigure everything, and I can’t get my top line and transport area setup the way I had it before because I don’t have the gear icons to configure them. The only one I have is the redundant one that opens and closes regions that I already have buttons for.

I don’t need stop/play/record buttons, for example, because I have physical controls for that. I’d rather use the space to show musical and chronological time simultaneously. In the top bar, I don’t need cursor tool options because I can right-click for them. I’d much rather use the space for other tools I need.

How do I get them back?

right-click on an “empty” space on the toolbar

Thank you. There they are. They DID change it. Happy to learn I’m not crazy lol. Not being able to change the tempo was a bit of an issue lol