where are my macros ? k.c. are ok

i imported my key commands but my macros are no longer there is there a different file structure …
or are they stored elsewhere in 10.5 ???


My template has hundreds of commands, preferences, and macros to the point where an update can be terrifying. Since 9.5, each update I have done, I have been able to delete the entire preference folder from the new Cubase and replace it with the entire folder from the previous version. This is true going from 10 (or 10.5) to 11. So far it has been seamless, even preferences are the same.

I realize that there are potential things that could go wrong in doing this from a programming standpoint. But your backup plan is to delete the entire contents of CB 11 prefs, and then just boot up Cubase and watch it restore to all the defaults. Then you can replace preferences such as macros one at a time. But from my standpoint, kudos to steinberg for making it possible to just drag the whole thing in. It’s a huge benefit to upgrade instantly without having to redo my entire setup.