Where are my media files?

Cant seem to figure this out…
after recording lets say a couple of tracks audio/midi
Close cubasis (it auto saves project)
then open again and it loads

where can i see these tracks?
I tryed my media but dont see em
are they store as part of the project?
are they viewable?

also when you delete midi or audio from a track is that a permanent delete (has it been erased from the ipad or just from the cubasis track)


Audio recordings are saved with the project you’re working on.
Simply double tap on an audio event to open it in the audio editor and choose “Save to Media” to save audio recordings or other material permanently. Saved files will then appear in the “My audio files” folder (MediaBay/Audio) and can be easily used in other projects etc. When sharing/exporting projects all corresponding audio files will always be included automatically.

Okay got that part of it…
so without doing a save to media all material in the project only exists for access within the project screen
and cannot be viewed or loaded to other projects until a Save to media is done?

So that being true, would mean that any new material recorded that has not been saved with Save to media is erased permanently from the ipad storage when it is erased from the screen?