Where are my new kits?[SOLVED]

I have Cubase Pro 9 with GA4 SE, and just bought GA4. Then I installed the GA4 SE update and the GA4 update.
But I can’t see any new kits.

You’re also missing the Beat Agent SE and GA ONE kits from Groove Agent SE.

A correct full installation will have these instrument sets:

Click the Rescan Disk option to the bottom right of the main “Load” tab. If this doesn’t work, try the following in this order:

-Go to Programs and Features in the Windows Control Panel, uninstall everything with Groove Agent in the name.
-Run the FULL 10GB~ Cubase Pro 9 installer again, and make it reinstall everything. You wont lose any settings. (Download it from MySteinberg)
-Install your full Groove Agent 4 again.
-Run Groove Agent 4 and see if the kits show up. If they do, install the 4.2.40 updates for GA4 and GA SE 4.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

YES!!! IT WORKED!!! Thank you very much, sir!