Where are my Presets?

Long time user of Cubase so feel funny asking this hopefully obvious question. I use windows 7 64bit

I have a bunch of custom presets using Arpache SX and they all show up on the plugin drop down menu. I will soon be doing a clean install of my system and want to save all my pre’s

I go to Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase7/Presets/ArpacheSX

I see all the factory presets that came with it here but none of my custom ones.

If anyone knows where i might locate my custom presets for this midi plugin that would be fantastic!


App Data folder

vst3 preset : “user”/document/vst3 presets
track preset : “user”/appdata/steinberg/track preset

Ahh windows 7 was hiding the app data folder!!

Thanks allot man!!