Where are my VST Sounds located?

Hi - just made two upgrades (risky, I know): upgraded from Mountain Lion (10.8.6) to Yosemite (10.10.01) on my Mac Pro and upgraded from Cubase 7.5 to Cubase Pro 8.

I have many more sounds available to me in 7.5 sound browser (nearly 20,000) compared with only 10,000 in Cubase 8. This is not ‘all media’ but only the sounds browser, so many more files and presets are probably missing.

I have made a couple of purchases of additional sounds, such as Elek Drums and Prologue Discoveries, but I’ve no idea how to transfer them to Cubase 8 (I can’t find the original download files and don’t know how to re-download them).

Anyhow, these two sound sets would not account for around 10,000 missing sounds!

Anyone got any ideas? Anyone know where the sounds are stored?



a mediabay scan of your system in cubase 8 should do the job ?
Or is this something you already did?
Maybe check if there are some synths (dll’s) that haven’t been added in the cubase 8 repository.

Also, check your preferences. By default the media bay limits the number of items it shows to 10000. You can change this to a higher number. With a clean install of 7.5 and an upgrade to 8 I had just over 17000 items.

Thanks, I did finally locate my files in a ‘Content’ folder. Good to know about the browser preference limit though!