Where are plugin remote control panel changes saved?

When I edit a panel to change the names in my plugins, where are these changes saved?

The manual and Steinberg page with all the file locations don’t mention this and I can’t seem to find the files anywhere. Editing these panels is very tedious work, and I’d like to be able to just copy them to the other studio box when done.

If no one answers with a positive answer, take a look at these. Possibly the one named “Device Panels” contains the info.


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I’d already looked at those without success, but I do appreciate the help.

Finally found them by searching the entire hard drive for xml files and then sorting by most recently edited. The base path is:

C:Users\YourUserName\Documents\VST XMLs\

Beneath that is a folder for the manufacturer, and below that is the name of the plugin. Under the plugin is a folder with a long geek number for a name. For a Waves plugin, here’s an example.

C:Users\YourUserName\Documents\VST XMLs\Waves\SSLChannel Mono\C334243484D73123456987

Beneath this folder are the various versions of the remote editor xml files. The one I edited is named “Generic 8 Cells.xml”

Note that the manufacturer / plugin folders are not created when you install them. They appear to only get created when you edit one of the remote editor panels.

I haven’t tried copying this to another machine so I’m not sure if that will work or there are other components that stitch it all together. However, now that I know where they live, I can back them up, which was one of my goals.

Hope this helps others who need to find them.

Mine are in the folder: USER > Documents > VST XMLs
(Windows 10)