Where are preferences stored in WL11?

I’m trialling WL11. Will no doubt upgrade from 10. But I can’t find where the pretences are stored. They don’t seem to be stored in the same place as WL10. There is a folder there, but no Prefs. I’m running Windows 10
Thanks for suggestions
Stewart Peters

Same place as WaveLab 10, but with the folder names WaveLab 11 instead.

In WaveLab 10 and 11 there is an “Open Setting Folder” option in the Preferences area that will expose where on your computer the Preferences folder is.

I talk about it in this video:

I am on Mac but the concept should be the same.

Yes, I found the open setting Folder. Thanks.
Its not in the same folder as WL10, but no problem.
I’ve had problems with WL10 losing its preferences so once a week I back up all preferences. May as well do the same with WL 11

Thanks you all for your help.

Stewart Peters