Where are Raven & Eagle

Hi Folks,
Have bought and installed Halion 6. Initially there was no Hot Brass or Studio Strings, but after a reinstall they showed up. Just have not got Raven or Eagle???

I have the exact same problem. Have you solved this??

I also had some issues some time ago.NOW is fine…
Have a look at the attached image.
I extracted some files to the folders like on the image (from the main HALION 6 installer)…into…Users/YOUR NAME HERE/…etc and that fixed it…
HAlion checks all libraries at startup and registers them. I cant remember how I sorted it all and also dont know how it all went wrong… :unamused:

If you have cataloging software you could make a catalog of all files on C HDD (when all working properly) and that could be your
sort of backup of where everything is. I noticed that reinstalling software messes things up sometimes…
I use softprime.com - advanced file organizer - for disk cataloging…when I want to find stg - its so quick and saves the hdd from spinning like crazy.

Cheers :bulb:

Make sure that you have the latest update installed, including the content update (the latter is the same for Halion and Halion Sonic 3):

Take a look at the Halion Library Manager program. Do they show up there? Have you tried clicking the Rescan Disk button to the top right of the preset list?

Thanks for your reply! Will give it a go

I did find the .vstsounds for Raven and Eagle in the users/name/…roaming, ect. but Halion 6 does not “see” them.
Should I copy them and move elsewhere? If so where?
Thanks for your replies.

But do they show up in the Halion Library Manager? This is a separate program that’s installed with Halion.

I tried to figure out how to set up the library manager using the manual. guess I need to try again.

The owners manual explains how to use it but not how to find or create it. Does it matter if I’m in Cubase or stand alone?
Sorry I’m manually challenged

It’s a separate program like I said. Type Halion Library Manager in the Windows start menu and it should show up.

By default it’s installed in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\HALion Library Manager\

They are in the Library Manager under Managed, but not installed