Where are recent files stored? How do I reset prefs?

I obviously have a corrupt recent files list. I have tried to delete everything from this list, but the next time I start WL I see the same old list again, with files in it which I haven’t worked with for months.

Where is this list stored? I have tried deleting the general prefs, and several other prefs, both in my user and in the main Library folders, but doesn’t seem to work. In fact those prefs never seem to rebuild!

How do I fix this.

On Windows 7:
C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Cache\lru.txt

If you use another system, search lru.txt

You can simply erase that file.

I am on Mac, but I found the file. I trashed it (or rather both of them, user and global prefs), an finally the list is empty. Only now it stays empty for good. I was hoping it would now store my real recent files, not the ones from September.

There does seem to be a bug here. Is there a way to rebuild all of this?

What you describe is like if wavelab was not able to save the lru file at that location. Try to delete the folder called Cache.

Thanks, that seems to have done it, finally!

It also fixed the problem of an old session opening on start up (or rather none at all in the last few days): now it behaves as expected and opens the last session.

Thanks again!