Where are soundsources (layers) stored for mac?

Hello everyone,
Whenever I click on one of the 4 layer slots in the edit page, the media browser opens but with 0 results. Is this normal?
If so it means that you can’t add soundsource layers to existing programs or actualy make your own with an initialized patch.
Could it be that HS is not looking in a certain folder? By the way I bought the ABSOLUTE VST COLLECTION and up dated to 1.6.3

I only have SE version, but that is a good question, that I approached the other day as I found a sound that had a perfect set of inserts but I wanted to change the layer soundsource.

I gave up quickly, but i wonder if you need to rescan the preset database by clicking the root folder of HalionSonic, and trying to type in the term of the source you want to use?

I am curious now if you can load the soundsources, as as far as I’m concerned (+5 points, 3x as in a sentence!), the soundsources are simply separate patches. I have seen some that I have used stadalone in HalionOne as part of larger patches in HSE if that makes any sense.

Anyone on this topic?

It has come up again, where I have bass patch in Halion that I want to use in HSE because it has env control. Yet, the bass cannot be found in HSE, HSE only looks at its own folders, as far as I know there isn’t any way to find Halion’s sounds?