Where are symbols for D.S., D.C. and Coda?

Can’t for the life of me find them but presume they’re SOMEwhere (also already did a search). I’d presume they’d be in the shift-R “repeats” section but don’t see anything there. Thanks!

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No, they’re not implemented yet. You can easily make your own System Text for them.

But just make sure you go back at the end of the project and move them manually in ENGRAVE mode because they will probably not be where you want them. It is better than nothing, but it will be much nicer when they are supported, and likewise for jazz articulations.

Are they part of an existing system text font I could access easily, or do I literally have to figure out how to create them from scratch (or grab them from somewhere,etc.?)
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Well, I think this question has been answered dozens of times… Here’s the thirteenth one ! Go to http://www.smufl.org/version/latest/range/repeats/
Copy whatever glyph you want, paste it using the Music text paragraph style (the upper right field of the text editor) and change size to 24 or so…
Hope it helps !

Yes, I only recently learnt that the glyphs on the SMuFL website were actual text that could be copied. There is no Music Text Paragraph Style: it’s a Character Style; but it’s easy enough to create a Para Style using the Character Style, and setting the point size.

Yes, Ben, you’re right : it’s the character style that has to be changed to Music Text. And since Dorico Pro 2, it’s no longer the top right field… I’ve been doing that for a year and a half now, so I do it without even thinking about it :wink:

Excellent - thanks. And (of course) NOW I realize that rather than searching in the forum for “D.S.” and “D.C.” I would have found it searching for things like “Coda” (the search here definitely needs improvement, admittedly!)…

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