Where are the actual PRESETS for Preferences stored?

I know exactly where to find the actual Preferencesbut can’t figure out how to find the presets that I’ve saved for it, on Mac. I don’t see my preset titles anywhere in the actual Preferences folder, unless I’m missing it somehow. Anyone know? I"m asking because I want to delete my preferences to try to fix an issue but I want to make 100% sure that I can load the presets for Preferences up, because it’s highly customized/changed from the default.

Instead of deleting preferences, on a Mac can you do the Cubase safe mode startup? That leaves your preferences intact, no need to delete, rebuild, rename, etc.

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They’re inside the the prefs folder in a folder named ‘Presets’


this link lists the positions for all presets, both saved by you (Custom Presets) and defaults (Factory Presets): https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360000327730-Location-file-paths-of-presets-in-Cubase-and-Nuendo-

Hi Steve, I don’t see them there. I see factory presets but not my custom user preset names. Can you provide me a file hierarchy specifically for user Preference and Key Command presets on Mac?

I’m not on mac, so maybe someone else will chime in. But make sure you’re in the User librDryer machine number: Library folder, which is hidden by default on Mac.

Thanks – yes, I’m in that folder. I might be missing something obvious, but I don’t see it. If anyone else can point me to where the specific user preference/key command presets are, that would be great.

The page that Fabio pointed doesn’t list the folder for custom preference and key command presets.


Good gawd I’m an idiot. Sorry! It’s right there. Thanks for the help. Sometimes you get the artist at the cost of other things in the brain - ha ha ha.

FYI to others: Custom Preference patches are in the “Configurations” folder.