Where are the Cubase 9 CRASH LOGS stored-Win 10?

RUNNING: WIN 10, CUBASE 9, KONTAKT 5.6.8, VEP PRO 6 ,RME 400, AKAI MPK88, 5 2TB 7500 DRIVES, 64 GB

Where does Cubase 9 store its “Crash Logs”?
I need to send one off to a developer.
Thank you!!

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Just came here to say this thread was very helpful. I loaded the Cubase crash dump file into WinDgb where it ran its analysis, and the offending plugin was clearly shown in the results. Thanks for this helpful and informative post!

It used to be the above mentioned location, but since Cubase 11 it has changed to:


(At least for me)

Please doublecheck your info.

For Steinberg Cubase crash dump files are located at

(copy the above line and paste it into an Explorer window address field of in the Run dialog (Win+ r)

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