Where are the Cubase demo projects gone to?

Since the revamp of the Steinberg website and the introducton of the Steinberg Download Assistant I can’t find the Cubase demo projects anymore. They used to be alongside the patch updates, along with the manuals. The older versions (8 and 7) still have the installers, updates and manuals, but the demo projects are gone. :open_mouth:

I probably* won’t lose any sleep over this, but sometimes I get nostalgic for such hits as “Put The 5 On It”, “Live Forever”, “Eight Good Reasons”, and more. They are in fact very good learning resources – you can see how someone else approached the production, as well as showcasing the new features of each release.

(* definitely won’t)

You are right but we will probably make them available again under “Sound Content and Accessories” on the download pages soon.

Great, thanks Ed!

All 4 You. I still have it and I really enjoy it. It’s a great demo of cubase’s power.

Give us some more demo Steinberg.


Ditto. I am new. Having good sample projects with differing levels of complexity would help new people get up-to-speed and also help cement a new users to become a long term user.


We have set up a page with most of the recent demo projects:

As the website is currently in maintenance mode, please be patient :wink:

Hi Ed,

just tried to open the link. It does respond with “404 page not found”. Is it due to Steinberg’s web-site maintenance not yet completed?

@all, just found by accident, that there is a Cubase demo project available via the Steinberg downloader. Just downloaded it, but did not yet look into it. It can be found in the category “Cubase 9.5”.

I found it here: https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=14835&L=1

Thanks Ed!

thats the link for Cubendo Demo projects
no l Demo specially for Cubendo 10 yet though
side note… just downloaded the cubase 9.5 Demo and opend on nuendo 10, sounds great :sunglasses:

… and thanks @MrSoundman :slight_smile: