Where are the docs?

Seriously. NEW FEATURES with -no- docs?

Or am I having a senior moment?

(And FWIW, maybe it’s a generational thing, but I HATE the recent SB trend towards providing help via Video. Booooring. Tiiime wasting.

C’est triste.





they are on the web site

They are here:


This is also online:
When you use the WaveLab help buttons, you are directed to the proper chapter online.

Thanks. But on the Help menu, none of the 9.0 menu items are there (eg. links to the PDF Help file, Contents, Index, etc.)

Oh and one other thing: the default colour scheme is now black. Can I make it look like 9.0?

Can I make it look like 9.0?

Yes: File > Preferences > Global > Display

Thanks. Now as to the original post: why are the help menu items missing? (eg. Contents, Index, etc.)

why are the help menu items missing? (eg. Contents, Index, etc.)

Then manual system has changed. When you open any page, you have the contents at the left, and the index is replaced by a search field at the top. IOW, this is different as before, but as efficient I guess.

The new system has some problems.

The second menu item says ‘steinberg.help’ which is not intuitive. I click it and the link goes to:


…and that gives a 404 error.

And there are no links to the PDFs for quick start, main doc or plug-ins as before.
And there are no links to Bookmarks or Search.

I think there should at least be links to the PDFs. What do you think?

I will report this to the manual department.

I doubt that. Or a lot of old people like Wavelab. It’s interesting to look at the number of views of your post after just 1 day. (Right now 112 views) I would think that should send a message to Steinberg?

PG, I’m gonna make a suggestion that I made to Paul at VSL and… go figure… he actually did it. And it was VERY helpful.

The suggestion is this: Publish the SCRIPTS for each video.

Some of us ‘seniors’ HATE videos. We find them terribly inefficient, slow and a real time-waster. We much prefer to READ TEXT when learning new tasks. So: please ask the marketing dept. If they couldn’t (pretty please with sprinkles) put the scripts for the Video Tutorials on-line.



FYI, the broken internet link now works.
Also, you can get the PDF from the link.


It doesn’t work.

It does here.

You should end up there:

I’ve tried again just now, and it doesn’t work (404 error). Maybe I should mention that I’m in WL Elements.

Anyway, I had already downloaded the 9.5 Operation Manual.

I was just looking over the WL 9.5 Elements manual, it’s available too.

I’ve just checked it and it also works. Solved.