Where are the EULA/Terms of Use for Cubase?

I’m trying to find the End User License Agreement (or Terms of Use) for Cubase Pro 12 and Cubase Pro 13. This has proven more difficult than expected.
Searching the Steinberg Support web page (https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/) for keywords such as “EULA” or “Agreement” did not give me any results.
I also tried to find a license agreement through Steinberg Download Assistant as well as Steinberg Activation Manager to no avail. I could not find anything through the actual application (Cubase Pro 12) either. As a last resort, I looked in the folders under Program Files\Steinberg.
The only document I could find was through a google search:
Unfortunately this document seems to encompass any and all products by Steinberg and not any product specifically. Furthermore, this document seems dated as there are no mentions of “Steinberg Licensing”.

@Matthias_Quellmann Where can I find this information? I feel I looked everywhere.

Here: Legal Terms | Steinberg

Thank you.
These have not changed since 2008?!