where are the imported MIDI files stored?

in the previewer section of the mediabay, there’s an option to import midi files for instant auditioning of the previewed presets in the context of the MIDI progression. where do these files get stored? or are they just meta-referenced somehow? tried fulltext-searching the \roaming\steinberg folder for one of the midi files’ names to no luck. the whole thing seems to behave a little erratically, sometimes not listing any of the previously imported files, only to display them again in another session. would be nice to keep control of what’s been imported manually from a file manager (also because it will only allow importing the files one by one from within cubase).

MediaBay is Browser only. You can place the file in any folder, and then, you can set MediaBay to check this folder.

this is untrue with regard to the MIDI files i was referring to.

just to make sure we’re on the same page, i’m attaching a snapshot of the MIDI files i mean.
if i do a mediabay search for any of those previewer MIDI files (making sure i’m searching for all possible media types), nothing comes up (in my version of cubase anyway). so cubase either references those outside of the mediabay system, or it actually imports them (where to?).


When you import a MIDI file into Cubase, the data is read-in and stored within the arrangement file. You can import from any file location you want…and then delete the file if you want, after import, as the data is now within your arrangement.

If you subsequently now edit the imported data (in a MIDI ‘track’ in your arrangement), the original file is not referenced ever again… (unless you then intentionally do an export to replace it)

Cubase doesn’t have its own MIDI files, they’d have to be 3rd party or your own.

thanks, although this is not what i was asking: if unsure, refer back to my original question and the screen cap. i mean the midi files imported into the “previewer” secion of the mediabay. those files are then available in subsequent projects in the previewer section. however, they cannot be found using media bay’s search.