where are the internal busses in CB8

Sorry if this question seems very basics, i come from PT and trying to figure out the signal routing structure within CB8:

1- Where are all the internal bussing ? The only thing i see is from the VST connection page where you set up input/output busses related your hardware and Group and FX etc…but no internal busses

2- Where are the aux channel letting you input any bus to any output bus…



All Busses you can see in VST Connections, in general. As you already mentioned, there Inputs/Outputs form/to your hardware. There are internal Group and FX busses in the dedicated tab. Then, you can find external FX and External Instruments (also hardware related), and other busses under the Studio (also mainly hardware related).

  1. What kind of internal busses do you mean? For example outputs from preview (MediaBay; Import Audio; etc.) are routed to the Monitor 1 bus (part of Studio - Control Room). Cues are also routed to the Studio…

  2. You can use any Output bus as an Input of another bus (if the output of the bus is not routed to the same output). Add Stereo Out 2 in the VST Connections > Outputs. Add an Audio track, and make sure, the Output is set to Stereo Out 1. Open Inputs of the Audio track. Here, you can see Stereo Out 2, as an Input; same as Groups, FXs, etc. See attached screenshot of Inputs.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 21.55.36.png