Where are the loops? (Not drum loops)

I am looking for some audio loops of different instruments playing riffs (not drums) that I can use in a project. I was surprised to find that most of them were drums. Am I missing something?

There are all kinds of loops ,some great free ones do a Google search …also in cubase when working with tonal loops they can follow the key setting as well as the chord track…and you can also change notes in the vary audio editor,I just made a bass loop the right note progression for a song this week …it sounded cool …I have like close to 500,000 loops ( not kidding ) and use them almost in every project,it’s funny when I use them I usally never get past the c’s when looking for a sound…

thanks, but I am just looking for the non-drum audio loops that come with Cubase Pro 9. I know there are a ton on the internet, but this is for a commercial client and I’m not going to use anything that could lead to legal problems.

Most are license free…but I will check cb9 to see

Press F5 to open the MediaBay, which shows all content included with Cubase. Use the filters to refine your search.