Where are the “made with Steinberg” posts?


Humble question to the moderators and users…
Has sharing of music created with Steinberg DAWs and instruments been completely stopped and dis-allowed in this forum ?
I ask because am unable to use the “made with Steinberg” tag with Nuendo and can’t find any music that were probably previously shared and visible in the forums.

Could the moderators please confirm what’s the latest on this before I post anything so that I can be sure. Thanks in advance.

Try here.

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see Topics tagged made-with-steinberg

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Thanks folks :slightly_smiling_face:
I was looking under Nuendo and didn’t think about the lounge.
I get it now. The lounge is the best place to chill, relax, listen to and share created music :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :notes:
Thanks again…


But tag your posts please.

see: Forum Guide.