Where are the manuals??

I just bought the Absolute 2 Collection and would like manuals for each instrument. There is no consistency when it comes to finding the manuals. Still can’t find Dark Planet, Trieb Werks, Hypnotic Dance and Symphonic Orchestra. This really shouldn’t be this hard to locate. :frowning:

On Windows the manuals you’re looking for can be found at C:\Users{{{user}}}\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Documentation\Steinberg

Thank you. Most of us would never look there.

VST manuals are also found as a link in the Cubase help menu.

Regards :sunglasses:

I once had this problem. Never found manuals in the help menu. There are these little question marks hidden in plain sight.

For example, in symphonic orchestra: take a track with an HSO VSTi on it. Do “Edit Instrument”. An interface pops up, allowing you to do stuff like choose an expression. Look at that area. Then look to the next area just right of it, called Library. That label above the area, that says “Library” in fancy letters… Look at that, scan right and see a button called “Main”, and a word “Options” (also a button, but it just looks like a word). To the right of that, there’s the “?”. Click on that. It’s also a button, and it opens the manual. I saved a copy in a documentation folder of my own.

On Dark Planet: Edit instrument. There’s a squarish “screen” in the middle that hosts a morphing filter. Look to the right of that. See a group of 4 knobs. In the upper right is Gain. Look above that and see a Steinberg logo. Just left of that is a question mark button that opens the manual.

I don’t have the other VSTi packages, but I’d guess it works the same way.